some sounds

(The role of the composer is other than it was)
phill harding

filey, high tide, 1.8MB
hilltop garden, 20MB
11pm midweek 697 from bradford, 2.5MB
bathroom flies, 10.4MB
airing cupboard, 4am, 10.9MB
buying an earring for a 10 year old boy, 5MB
stedman in leeds, 19MB
A64 mishap, 7.5MB
last bus from huddersfield, 13MB
biffy and flippy go paddling, 16.5MB
st pauls hall, huddersfield, 11.8MB
graham, 20MB

heide harding

bus station at 7am, hokkaido, japan, 5MB
jack, 6.7MB
guillotine, 5.9MB